Network Development

network-development  The Green Design Automation team has great experience both in working with and for multinational companies in Romania and in the area, and in working with Romanian administrative institutions and state companies.

 Our works complies with international standards and with local laws and procedures; we are well informed about all tendencies and changes occurring in the market and which might influence the projects we are working on, and therefore we are prepared at any given time to provide counselling to our clients in order for them to take the best development decisions.

  We have gained a great deal of experience by activating in different projects for the development of national and regional retail networks and we are eager to share our experience with all professionalism, offering complete consulting services for developing all projects specific to the retail market, by:

  • Market studies
  • Identification of potential locations
  • Feasibility studies for the locations
  • Counselling for negotiating and contracting locations
  • Design
  • Endorsement and authorization for locations.