In order to define and to preliminarily know the specific criteria of each investment, our team is ready to provide consulting services at the highest quality standards. 

Designing security, very low power and automation systems:


  Having an exceptional technical training and using dedicated software applications and appropriate technologies, the Green Design Automation specialists draw up complex projects by taking into account both the situation of the objective and the results of the risk assessment, carefully selecting the equipment and offering the warranty of viable solutions, which best satisfy the client’s requirements, include new and innovative elements, in keeping with the latest technologies in the field and always comply with the legislative and quality standards required.

  Green Design Automationprovides consulting services in the field of security by performing activities such as:

  • Evaluating the objectives from the point of view of security – security assessment;
  • Drawing up specific internal procedures for the security of the clients’ assets and personnel;
  • Drawing up action plans and Business Continuity Plans in case of catastrophe and major incidents;
  • Organizing internal Crisis Cell for immediate action in emergency situations;
  • Keeping in touch with the relevant authorities in the field – Police stations, Fire-fighting units.

  Also, Green Design Automation experts present the solutions to the client; they explain the pros and the cons, the possibilities, the limitations and short, average and long-term implications; and, together with the beneficiary, they build the best final agreed solution.