About US


Established in 2010, Green Design Automation represents a combination of advanced technologies, human, financial and material resources and goods and services, a company which permanently targets to create and to promote innovative solutions for the civil society.

Green Design Automation provides its clients with solutions throughout the entire collaboration: consulting and risk assessment, turnkey concepts and solutions, specialty design, project management, solution implementation, associated services.

The team is recommended by the vast experience it has gained with top-level companies working in the field. The flexibility of contractual agreements and the compliance with the client's objectives make Green Design Automation the perfect long-term partner.

We will respond to your needs by design, delivery and maintenance services.
We develop customized solutions, which satisfy even the most ambitious requirements and the lowest budgets.

Mission and values

Our mission is to permanently identify our clients' needs, to create dedicated solutions and to offer products and services of exceptional quality and value, in order to become the best service supplier in this field both in Romania and in the world, to permanently invest in technology and people, for the benefit of our clients.

Added value is the essence of our culture and the reference point of our activity.

Our values:

Our employees – team spirit, professionalism, continual personal training and development, self-control and self-discipline, quality in everything we are and everything we do.

Internal environment – trust in employees, continual commitment and the positive attitude of the management, tolerance for the errors occurred in good-faith, encouragement of young people who want to get ahead, sharing the experience gained and the best practices.

Internal organization – democratization of information, practical debate of decisions, functional interdependencies, cooperation instead of conflicts, delegation of responsibilities, division and reduction of work, increase of efficiency.

Workplace – balanced and fair competition, client's supremacy, the best products and high-quality services, competitiveness and winning attitude.

Our internal organization, values and competences coordinate us for creating the entire range of civil and industrial objectives, in keeping with our clients’ specific needs.